Fruits The Game

Fruits The Game 1.0.2

Connect fruits and vegetables in this great casual game.

Connect fruits and vegetables in this great casual game.

Your mission is to join the maximum number of berries, eggplant, apples, carrots, pears, lemons drawing a line between them.

Each screen will have a challenge; some will ask you reach a certain score. In other you must break the ice, and in others, you'll have to get coins. Only then you will overcome the levels, but do not think it's easy.

The difficulty increases gradually, and there are levels where you have to think that way join fruits, because depending on how you do it, you will get various power ups.

You have four different power ups:

- The horizontal, which is achieved by joining 4 fruits.

- The vertical, linking five get it.

- The pump, which is obtained by joining six.

- The death ray, that you get if you connect less than 7.

The screens do not have time to finish them, but if you finish it quickly you'll get more stars.

You will be able to overcome this challenge of 100 levels?

If you want, you can challenge your friends through the leaderboards.

In this game, all lifes are free.

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Fruits The Game


Fruits The Game 1.0.2

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